Tuesday, April 23, 2013


What a change a week can make.  The daytime temperature has gone up about 15 degrees, the dark clouds and rain have disappeared, and people are wearing short sleeved shirts.

The spring time rituals aren't much different here in Tuscany then they are at home.  Maybe different crops or different flowers, but farmers still have to till the soil, trees need pruned and city crews are busy mowing and cleaning out the gutters along the roads.  One thing that is different is the smoke that fills the sky from burning all the branches pruned from the olive trees.  It's a rare day when you can burn in California.  

All around Camucia there are fields of mustard in bloom - great swaths of bright yellow cover the landscape.  We've noticed that fruit trees are flowering and vineyard grapes are just starting to bud out.  

Something new that we've never seen before are caterpillars crawling down the trail nose to toes...really...see for yourself.  Maybe they're just playing follow the leader!


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