Thursday, April 18, 2013

Le Celle

The monastery and sanctuary of Le Celle

St. Francis

In the year 1211 Le Celle was but a few small buildings and most likely being used as a mill. That is the scene that would have greeted St. Francis of Assisi as he approached this remote location seeking a place of solitude.  He found it here in the wilderness surrounding Cortona and stayed long enough to set in motion the creation of a monastic settlement. Today, although Le Celle appears a Franciscan monastery of somewhat grand proportion, it remains a sanctuary used for the purpose of contemplation and its modest interior a reflection of the Franciscan belief in austerity. 

The Oratory

The cell of St. Francis

Madonna and Child

Something to the effect of following your heart
through St. Francis, the voice of the Lord.

A simple and rustic aesthetic.

The waterway was what made this location perfect for its original use as a mill.

Grounds surrounding Le Celle.

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