Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Group of several gondoliers on Grand Canal, late in the day light, Venice

There is no other place like it.  There is the Disneyesque in your face Venice of a thousand souvenir shops, overwhelming crowds, long lines, and chaotic canal traffic comparable to a rush hour freeway.  But there is also the Venice of quiet passageways, flower filled window boxes, soft pastel colored palaces and smiling romantic souls happily serenaded by gondoliers in traditional stripped shirts and straw hats floating down the Grand Canal.  

Love it or not, there is no other place like Venice.

Overwhelming chaos of Grand Canal traffic in Venice

Close up of Venetian Lion at St. Mark's Square, Venice

Bridge of Sighs with gondoliers floating by, Venice

Groups of gondolas in Venice

close up of shop window in Venice with golden masks

Shot from water, Doges Palace, waterfront crowds, Venice

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