Friday, November 16, 2012

Good On Ya!

G, 'day to ya from sunny Oz! Let's avago at some Ozzie lingo.  A greenie mate suggested a few days in the bush so we gave it a bit of a yabber.  Colleen was having a bit of a dummyspit and puttin the heavy on me.  She likes camping, but doesn't really care for the dunnys and such.  Plus, back o'Burke, we'd need a portable barbie for the tucker. She wasn't trying to be a wowser but there really wasn't a Buckley's chance mate. To be fair dinkum, she said she'd rather have a good plonk and a chook than head out into the woopwoop.

Just to clear things up.... a plonk is a glass of wine, a chook is chicken, and woopwoop is the boonies....

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