Thursday, November 29, 2012

Emergency E-Mail Contact Change!!!

Hello everyone!
We have just arrived in New Zealand to begin our latest house sit.  Unfortunately, ATT has locked us out of our e-mail account and we cannot access any e-mails, contact numbers or e-mail addresses and many of our travel documents.  So far, costly phone calls, on-line chats and endless hours on ATT "help" internet site have not resolved the problem.  So...until we can fix this (and hopefully we can because it is sort of a disaster) you will not be able to reach us on that account.  In light of this issue, we've established another e-mail account with Google.  Please contact us at  To all of our friends and family - we currently do not have your e-mail addresses so if you could send them to us for us to begin rebuilding our "contacts" that would be very helpful. Miss you all - will post some great pics from Australia in a few days!

Rick & Colleen

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