Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Farewell to Vancouver Island

Cordova Bay

The entire time we've been in Victoria, we've had sunshine. Very unusual this time of year, but what a gift it has been. We've been able to explore so much more of the outdoors in this area than we expected.  Now though, the change has arrived.  The crispness of fall is in the air and the colors of the trees are changing.  The island views are misty gray scenes in the distance one minute and clear the next.  The squirrels in the yard are gathering more nuts to store away and they're eating all the plums that the wind knocks from the tree in the backyard.  Now that the rain has begun, the dogs don't want to go out in the yard to do their business.  (Yet, when the leashes come out, they are out the door in a flash, rain or not!)  

We've a few more days here before we head south to warmer weather. Our plans are to spend a couple of weeks visiting family and friends before we head off to Australia and New Zealand.  We're excited about seeing each country and having the opportunity to learn more about them.  In Australia we'll be three weeks on our own, exploring the east coast area from Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef in the north to Melbourne and the wine country in the south.  Then, it's over to Aucklund, New Zealand to house sit into the new year.  Before leaving New Zealand, we'll be taking a trip to the South Island to view its spectacular scenery.  

We will have many wonderful photographs and stories to share along the way and we're planning to teach you some good old Kiwi and Aussie slang.  So, don't forget to lob in now and again for a chinwag and a corker.  We promise, it's gonna be a beaut.  G'day mates!

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  1. Missing the fall down here (Mexico). Thanks for sharing.