Saturday, October 6, 2012

Butchart Garden's Million Flowers a Year

overhead shot of Butchart Garden's Quarry Garden with visitors
The Quarry Garden
(The chimney in the far fight corner is the only surviving part of the original cement quarry.)

Over 100 years ago, Jenny Butchart looked out over the remains of her husband's ugly limestone quarry pit and envisioned a garden paradise.  Today, Butchart Gardens is a National Historic Site and one of the world's most spectacular gardens.  With seasonally changing plantings, there are over a million bedding plants installed each year - that's one for every visitor!  

postcard style of three views within the Butchart Garden's Quarry Garden
Plantings within the Quarry Garden

While Jenny Butchart may have been very much the Victorian era lady, early photos of her hanging from a Bosen's chair installing plants along the high quarry walls attest to her active role in creating her personal garden of Eden.  Her husband, a collector of ornamental birds, filled her ponds and gardens with colorful wildlife.  Together, they christened the garden estate "Benvenuto" in welcome to all those who would come and enjoy their garden wonderland.


Postcard style 3 views of the Butchart Garden's Italian Garden
The Italian Garden

Postcard style 3 views of Butchart Garden's Asian Garden
The Asian Garden

3 views of fall color at Butchart Gardens
Fall in the garden

B & W portrait of Jenny Butchart, her gardening records and the greenhouse
Jenny Butchart, original gardening records, and the greenhouse

3 phases of the Ross Fountain at Butchart Gardens
Phases of the Ross Fountain

It may be fall, but the garden is still blooming!

For more information visit Butchart Garden's website.


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