Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vancouver's Stanley Park

View of Vancouver City skyline across coal harbor with light reflections on water
Vancouver's skyline across Coal Harbor

Puget Sound views along the seawall bike path
Did you know that Vancouver's Stanley Park is larger than New York's Central Park?  It's huge...we know because we biked the park's perimeter seawall path today.

A myriad of views appear around every bend for 5.5 miles.  Vistas away from shore include Vancouver's skyline across Coal Harbor, the Lion's Gate Bridge leading to North Vancouver, and English Bay Beach on the Puget Sound.  Looking to the interior of the park, the bike path views are just as spectacular.  Ferns, Rhododendrons and more than half a million trees, some hundreds of years old, surround gardens, First Nations totem poles, the Vancouver Aquarium, the Tea House and the Lost Lagoon.

examples of totems in Vancouver's Stanley park
Some of the First Nations totem poles at Brockton Point were carved as early as the 1880's
Two Raccoons eating water lilies in Stanley Park, Vancouver
Water lilies for breakfast!
The Stanley Park seawall has to be one of the most beautiful (and easy) bicycle paths anywhere.  And while that is a personal opinion, it's worth noting that the park has been named 16th best park in the world and 6th best park in North America by the Project for Open Spaces so somebody must agree with us! 

view of Vancouver Rowing Club building with seawall and water reflections in Stanley Park, Vancouver
The Vancouver Rowing Club's HQ



  1. We told you you'd love it. Awesome bike trip huh?

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