Sunday, August 19, 2012

Italy on a Rainy Day

Woman walking along the river in Rome, Italy

Nope, we're not in Italy - yet!  That's next April and something we are so looking forward to. It is one of those plum assignments that we hoped we'd find when we thought about becoming house sitters. But in between dream locales, there are places like Richmond, where we are now.  It's a place that people describe as being "great to live in because it is close to everything..." We think that say's a lot!

It's overcast today in Richmond and looks like rain..but we're dreaming of Italy...

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  1. Hi Rick and Colleen,
    So happy to meet you here on your great website. I love finding other house sitters -- we have to stick together, you know?! I'm signing up so I can follow your adventures -- and here is my website. Please come say Hi.
    Your photos are spectacular!