Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Merida Museum Tour - Day 1

Merida Mexico Palacio Canton Archaeology Museum Chac Mool reclining statue from Chichen Itza
"Chac Mool"  Considered one of the masterpieces of Mayan sculpture.
Chichen Itza, 800-900 A.D.

Merida Mexico Palacio Canton Archaeology Museum ceramic plate detail
Plate detail

A museum a day keeps the blues away....

This week we're taking you along on a tour of Merida's museums. We'll explore architecture, contemporary art, folk art, history and archaeology. We'll visit one museum a day for the next 4 days.  

First up, Mayan anthropology and history at the Palacio Canton.  


Merida Mexico Palacio Canton Archaeology Museum Jaguar frieze from Chichen Itza
Jaguar "Balem" frieze from Chichen Itza

Merida Mexico Palacio Canton Archaeology Museum two examples of jewelry from Chichen Itza Cenote
Mayan  jewelry offering recovered from Chichen Itza cenote

Merida Mexico Palacio Canton Archaeology Museum 6 examples of jade offerings recovered fro Chichen Itza Cenote
Carved jade offerings recovered from Chichen Itza cenote

Merida Mexico Palacio Canton Archaeology Museum two examples of Mayan clay heads
Mayan clay sculptures

Merida Mexico Palacio Canton Archaeology Museum 2 Mayan clay figurines and one frieze example
Mayan clay sculptures and frieze detail


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