Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Happy Pack

It's Tony's domain
When we accepted the house sitting opportunity in Merida we knew we’d be caring for 2 dogs and 4 cats.  As "pet empty-nesters", 2 months with the dogs and cats sounded fine to us.

Nala, the bathing beauty
The dogs, Nala, an exuberant female lab mix and Tony, a reserved rescued greyhound mix are inseparable pals.  Nala loves the pool and jumps in to swim a few laps whenever the mood strikes her. Tony is older, not so much into swimming, and he is just as happy to watch the world go by - except when there is an iguana to be chased.   We fell in love with them as soon as we met them and easily became one big happy pack.
We're pretty sure Millie's sweet on Scooby

Mickey D's formal portrait
The cats, well they’re cats!  They want to hang out, be fed, sleep, and have their chins rubbed, pretty much in that order. There’s cool Mickey D (guess where his name came from) who gets into it with other cats in the hood almost daily.  There is little miss Millie, the only female, and she’s very much the lady.  Then there are macho men Scoobie and Scrappy. Scooby is the lover of the bunch, never far from a welcoming lap.  Scrappy is somewhat of a loner and frequently takes off for a night or two. We wonder where he’s off to on these little escapades and we worry until he returns because Merida is a big city and it’s dangerous for a gato out on the town.

Scrappy after a hard night on the town
We have already come to the conclusion that the best part of our house sit in Merida is also going to be the hardest part of our house sit in Merida.  When the time comes, it's not going to be easy leaving any of these characters behind.

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