Monday, May 28, 2012

Survival Tactics

Electric "Fry" Swatters
Until a couple of months ago neither of us had ever seen an electric mosquito/fly swatter. If you haven’t yet come across one, just imagine a tennis racket with cross hatched wires stretched across the area where the strings would be. The handle holds two "D" cell batteries or a rechargeable plug in device. To use the swatter, you depress a button on the handle and swing it at the offending pest and zzzzap, it’s fried.

Rick at the ready
Our friends Mike and Donna gave us one as a gift just before we left California to begin our house sitting adventure.  Mike said we would surely need it to defend ourselves from the mosquitos in Mexico. Unfortunately, the swatter wouldn’t fit into the small amount of luggage we brought so it was left behind.

When we arrived in Merida the homeowner showed us around the house and provided us with ideas as to how we could stay comfortable inside as well as outside. Guess what? Strategically placed around house and patio were three of the swatters in a variety of colors. Turns out they are quite popular here. We quickly discovered why, there are mucho mosquitos! Colleen quit counting she was bitten so often. I was luckier, or maybe just not as tasty to the little buzz bombs. Deciding not to let them get the best of us, we slathered with repellant cream and, swatter in hand, met the challenge head on.

Now, in the afternoon when it’s time to see if the hammock still works, I use one hand to hold the adult beverage and the other at the ready with my "fry" swatter.  

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