Monday, May 28, 2012

Beetle Bling

Merida Mexico beetles with Jewelry decoration
Having traveled in Mexico for many years, I've seen some interesting things for sale.  I am always impressed by the creativity of the street entrepreneurs.  There are the guys on the street offering to take your picture with the donkey painted to look like a Zebra and the vendors that will write your name on a grain of rice or sell you some Mexican jumping beans.  There are the people who want to offer you their giant iguana so you can be photographed with it - usually after you've had a few drinks.

Merida Mexico beetles for sale with Jewelry decoration Today at Santa Lucia park I saw one of the strangest ideas yet.  The woman had a small glass aquarium with twenty or so live beetle crawling around inside.  These were not your ordinary beetles.  They were beetles with bling.  Rhinestones, small gold chains, colorful bits of cut glass and paint adorned the backs of each beetle.  I couldn't resist asking her who bought them and what they used them for.  She smiled and said that people attach them to their shirts to wear as pins!  She generously offered to give me one, but I declined, explaining that we were only here house sitting temporarily and couldn't have pets.  Walking home I thought, if I had taken her up on her offer, I would have had to name it Elvis.

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