Monday, September 8, 2014

What's Up Next?

Hawaii !!!  Yes, we'll be returning to Kauai this winter for housesitting.  We couldn't be more jazzed.

Why?  Well, because it's Hawaii and it's beyond beautiful as a place to explore and enjoy. But what's better than that?  An Aussie Shepherd named Kai who stole our hearts last year when we took care of "his" house.  It was a very sad day when that house sit ended and we thought we'd be saying goodbye to beloved four legged friend.  When Kai's mom and dad asked us to return this year we were ecstatic that we'd be able to spend more time with Kai exploring the lovely island of Kauai.  Our adventure begins in late October and we'll be there until early 2015 so come back and join us for some island time later this year.

In the mean time...we're always happy to help spread the word about how fantastic house sitting is and so we were excited to be interviewed recently for an article in PBS Next Avenue.   Interested in more information?  You can find the article here. 



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