Sunday, May 4, 2014

Castello Poppi

Castello dei Conti Guidi a.k.a. Castello Poppi sits high above
the Casentino Valley in Tuscany.

Constructed in the 1100's, the castle was the home of the Guidi family for the next 350 years.  

The castle had a chapel...

...and a jail...


....and a knight.

After the Guidi family the castle came under the rule of
Florence and their governors installed their own
coats of arms within the castle.

Visitors to the castle pass under the Medici Lion -
another reminder of the power of Florence.

Today the castle houses a library of 25,000 ancient books including
800 Medieval manuscripts.
Built in seating in the castle's windows provided natural reading light.

View from the castle of the village of Poppi and the surrounding Casentino.

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