Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ports of Call

Sailing into Kotor, Montenegro

There are many things to research before taking a trip but it becomes especially important to do your homework when taking a cruise.  You will have hours, not days, to explore and walking down the gang plank without a plan may mean missing what you might enjoy most about a port.

There are lots of websites designed to help familiarize yourself with an area that may be one of your cruise ports of call but few that are designed specifically to maximize your minimum amount of time in port. This is why we were so jazzed to find Tom's Port Guides. (Well, actually, Colleen's savvy sister Andrea found it.) Tom's guides are packed with useful information on the many ports commonly visited by cruise lines and he is adding more ports every year. His information on transportation options in each port, walking tours, maps, GPS directions for driving yourself, photographs and practical alternatives to the cruise line's packaged excursions provide the detail you need to be able to make the most of your time in each port.  All of the information in the guides can be downloaded to your IPAD, Kindle, or other Wifi enabled device to take along with you for easy access during your trip. Next time you are taking a cruise we highly recommend stopping by Tom's Port Guides before you set sail.

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