Friday, May 3, 2013

Arezzo and Antiques

Arezzo's Antique Market

The Fiera Antiquaria is Tuscany's largest antique fair.  Started in 1968 by a collector named Ivan Bruschi, the fair takes place the first weekend of each month in which there is a Sunday. Not necessarily the first weekend...the first one with a Sunday.  With 400-500 vendors participating, it's easy to spend an entire day wandering around the streets of Arezzo looking at antique (and not so antique) treasures against the backdrop of ancient buildings. Here we take you for a walk through the market where it's a toss up as to what is more interesting - the antiques for sale or the people selling and shopping for them. 

The setting for the market may be older than any of the items for sale.

The market covers a very large area and shoppers do get hungry.

We loved the gnomes but were more curious about the woman buying them.

So many things to little room in our suitcases.

These would never make it home in one piece but they were lovely to look at.

Thought this was really fun - especially the RCA logo
which we haven't seen in years. 

Against a backdrop of family crests installed over the centuries
there is a Foosball table for sale!

Anyone doing a reno here in Tuscany should shop this marketplace.

A little something for the young and the young at heart.

We wondered what was on this vendor's mind.

Old books, maps and postcards were a big draw.

Ancient Arezzo couldn't be a more perfect setting for the antique market.

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