Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Pack

Where's the ball Wes?  

Ah, the best part...our pack!  It's always so amazing how easily we are excepted into the family by the pets.  They seem to sense that we are there to take care of them and be their friends.  A couple of shakes, a few good throws, a belly rub or two and we're all old buds.  

There's Wesley - he's the youngest at two and the most energetic.  At dinner time he jumps off of all 4 paws, straight up into the air about four feet off the ground.  At the mention of a ball, he becomes maniacally obsessive - pure lab!

Then there's little Koda.  She's seven and a bit of a busy body who must greet every dog she meets at the park.  She chases after Wes trying in vain to keep him out of trouble. She also rides shotgun in the car making certain that Rick stays on the correct side of the road.

The grand dame is Jesse.  At 16, she's earned the title. She may be a little bit slower than the other two (well, okay, maybe a lot) but she still loves to run and play. She's the alpha of the pack and keeps Wes in line. She has roasted chicken for dinner every night befitting her status! 

Wesley may talk tough at the dog park but he has his sweet side too!

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  1. Love the pooches ... they all have their own personalities, don't they?