Sunday, September 16, 2012

Energy in Abundance!

Maggie and Geordie

We've been in Saanich, a community of Victoria British Columbia for a week now.  Our homeowners are having fun in Italy and we are having fun taking care of Maggie and Geordie, two Border Collies with seemingly inexhaustible energy when it comes to playing.  

The weather is beautiful and we take walks on nearby trails, throw the Frisbee, and run around the yard playing catch. Geordie is a master at leaping into the air catching the Frisbee.  Maggie runs circles around him, barking, jumping, and acting like she is 4 instead of 14!  

It's wonderful to be with dogs again.  They are always ready to have a good time and never seem to mind that we aren't the best Frisbee players or that Colleen throws like a girl...


  1. How wonderful to see thse photos of Mags and Geordie! It looks as though everyone is having a good time. As are we!
    Joanna and Harry

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