Monday, July 23, 2012

Trying on Lifestyles

Mural of coffee cup on brick wall in Seattle coffee shop with text "So long Seattle"

Seattle is truly a coffee town so we thought it appropriate to end our time here by sharing a cup o' joe with you!

One aspect of house sitting that we find appealing is that it gives us the opportunity to "try on lifestyles" so to speak.  For instance, we've never lived in a big city before and found that we we really liked it - something we probably never would have discovered if we hadn't tried house sitting. This is one of the benefits we'll talk more about in our soon to be published manual on house sitting.  Stay tuned....we'll be posting some excerpts and some "how to" tips from the book soon!

In the mean time, we are a bit sad to be leaving Seattle because we've enjoyed it so much but we're excited too because we have some wonderful house sits coming up. We've got a two week break and we'll be spending some time with family taking an Alaska cruise (we'll post some pics for sure) and then we'll be house sitting in Richmond, just outside of Vancouver, B.C., for three weeks before going on to Vancouver Island for a six week house sit.  We promise to share some good posts and great pics along the way!

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